"Call to all women*, lesbians, trans* and inter persons* for the International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women*.
All over the world, governments are guided by imperialist agendas that are destroying the people.
These agendas are colonization, neoliberalism, embargo policies, border regimes, deportation policies, and extractivism, which robs the resources of the land and the people, and forces settlements, impose occupation, and expulsion. 
People are fleeing from their homes because of white supremacist destructive politics.
Let’s be clear, white supremacy is destroying lives in the name of human rights on one hand, with wars and weapon industries, on the other detention centres and bloody borders.
We believe that women’s* struggle, self-organization and self-defence is our strength in fighting fascism, patriarchy, and racism. 
We will continue struggling and defending ourselves against all forms of structural, political, social and economic violence and injustice.
Sisters* solidarity is not enough. 
It is about resistance. "

Berlin, 20th November 2020


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