As a Queer-Feminists, we consider that the heteronormative cis-sexist patriarchy does not only affect cis-woman.
We build on an understanding of shared experiences of oppression and discrimination of women, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans, agender* (FLINTA*). We represent a wide gender diversity and advocate for a variety of gender identities, romantic and sexual attractions /desires, and gender expression.
As Intersectional Feminists, we belive that several power structures - such as sexism, (anti-muslim) racism, classism, ableism and many others- overlap in our society. By recognizing the interdepenency of these different discriminations and the resulting multi-layerd realities of life, we highlight the complex, various forms of patriarchal violence.
We belive that the patriarchal power structures are embedded in and protected by the State and its institutions, such as, but not limited to: the police, the prison system, and the military.
We do not accept the State's narrative that these institutions exist to protect or serve us. In the contrary : we believe that they merely exist to protect property, thus maintaining the dominant patriarchal and cis-heteronormative order in which we currently live.
We support the phisycal and sexual self- determination of all FLINTA*s.
From hijabs to miniskirt, from house work to sex work.

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