Male violence is the direct expression of oppression in the name of patriarchy.
It pervades all aspects of our lives. It relentlessly expresses itself in various forms and facets: physical, sexual, psychological and economical violence.
Furthermore, being gender-based, male violence also affects the entire LGBT*QIA+ spectrum: it is violence directed against people due to their identity and/or choice of gender and sexuality. 
The feminist and transfeminist strike is a political act of refusing violence and a global uprising.

NON UNA DI MENO reclaims liberation and emancipation, autonomy and freedom of choice over people's lives regardless genders and sexual orientations. 
Safe and free abortion. 
      They rebel against rapes and femicides happening every day at home, on workplaces, along the borders and in detention centers.
 Against racism and institutional violence. 
Free from sexism
Free to educate ourselves
Free to train and teach
Free to decide about our bodies
Free from economic violence, exploitation and job insecurity
Free to move, free to stay
Free from environmental violence 
Free to build feminist spaces
Free to be autonomous
Free to assert and defend our rights 
Free to set the record straight.

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