Nobody's Land (Terra di Nessuno) is an ex-mechanic's workshop in Genova, Italy. Abandoned since 1977 turned during the 80's into an illegal landfill since 1996 when a group of independent activists occupied it and convert it into a Social House. 
In the last 20 years Nobody's Land became a melting pot for artists, young people and political Antifascist activists.
During the 90's occupations have followed one another in various cities of Italy (abandoned buildings, former factories, villas, apartments, vacant houses, etc.) embracing the logic of the re-appropriation of public spaces and intended for the community, non-profit, without commercial purposes, without party aims. 
In this space there have been debates on the youthful condition, shows,  experimentations, concerts, assemblie and exhibition;  become homes for some. 
In some social centers there are hacklabs, self-management experiences oriented to the issues of digital rights and freedom of expression.​​​​​​​ 
Occupation and self-management become two essential conditions for being able to get away from the restrictions of the government or from the laws of the municipal administration. 
To contrast the gentrification of the neighborhood and economical discriminations, to confront and find each other, to promote alternative information and counterculture.

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