Dehumanization of migrants and refugees and the evident institutionalization of racism in Italy require a response based on respect for human dignity, anti-racism, anti-sexism and social justice for all. 
Migrating, especially when forced due to geopolitical and climatic events, has to be defended. 
The Italian government's permanent campaign to turn migrants into a "public enemy" is a dangerous drift that risks clearing, often in indifference, racist acts that the Italian Constitution itself and international treaties ratified by Italy prohibit. 
The approval in 2018 of the Decree-Law on Immigration and Security, pushed by far-right League leader and (EX) interior minister Matteo Salvini, abolishes humanitarian protection status for migrants and makes it easier to strip migrants of Italian citizenship.
It also stops asylum seekers from accessing reception centres designed to combat social exclusion.
To this climate of hatred and war against people impoverished by years of wicked policies on their skin, the Refugees and Migrants Movement  propose the opening of a great dispute that leads thousands of men and women to get out of the condition of invisibility and uncertainty of their present and future.


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